Session 9: Ventilation solutions

23 April 2016    10:30am       Hall Spectrum (Level 1)       Subject to change.

Time  Lecture Speaker
10:30 am 2016 Component Award results Kristin Bräunlich
10:55 am Reducing ventilation duct networks: Retrofit of the Siegmair School
as part of the EU-funded project SINFONIA
Rainer Pfluger
11:20 am Central stairwell ventilation in multi-family dwellings Norbert Stärz
11:30 am More efficient ventilation with intelligent active overflow systems Bernhard Martin
11:45 am MVHR in the UK – lessons learnt from commissioning &
a new “final protocol sheet”
Andrew Farr,
Sally Godber
12:10 am Assessing the true performance of Heat Recovery Ventilators Andrew Peel
12:35 am Poster presentation: Professionally planned ventilation systems Adrian Tschui
12:35 am Poster presentation: A flat-ceiling system
with an integrated air duct network
Alexander Wien
12:35 am Poster presentation: Concept of PHI certification
for split-type air-to-air heat pumps
Tomas Mikeska