Session 6: Non-residential buildings

22 April 2016    4:00pm      Hall Titanium (Level 2)      Subject to change.

Time  Lecture Speaker
4:00 pm Passive House offices with renewable energy supply
on the path to a Passive House Premium
Ingo Höffle,
Marion Ernst
5:15 pm Comprehensive retrofit of the Groß-Umstadt Sparkasse Stefan Oehler
5:40 pm The importance of use-specific energy applications
in nonresidential Passive House
Oliver Kah
6:05 pm Poster presentation: Sonthofen High School:
Comprehensive Factor 10 retrofit of a school
Werner Haase
6:05 pm Poster presentation: Energy retrofit of a post-WWII church
into a solar-powered plus-energy church
Werner Haase
6:05 pm Poster presentation: Analyses of multifunctional
wooden components for passivhaus renovations of school
Marco Pietrobon
6:25 pm Summer conquered: The Lu-teco office building Walter Krämer
6:50 pm Bambados: A Passive House indoor swimming pool in practice Esther Gollwitzer