Session 16: China goes passive

23 April 2016   14:15      Hall Helium 2  (Level 3)       Subject to change.

Time Lecture Speaker
2:15 pm Passive House in China: Present Situation and Future Trends

Ling Guo

2:25 pm

Compiling Principles and Key Points of Passive ultra-low energy
green Building Technical Guideline China

Yu Zou, Xi Chen, Deyu Sun

2:40 pm

Design Optimization of Tianjin Sino-Singapore Eco-City Public
Housing Project Using Computation Tool of PHPP

Angyang Song, Jianlin Wu,
Caifeng Gao

2:50 pm

Tianjin Buildtog Passive House project design

Thilo Cunz, Rolf Demmler,
Berthold Kaufmann

3:00 pm

Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures
for Passive House Construction in China

Yuansheng Cui

3:15 pm

Experiences and challenges of heating and cooling
in Chinese pilot projects

Stefan Schirmer

3:30 pm

Experiences from 11 blower door tests in the Middle Kingdom -
China builds Passive Houses

Michael Meyer-Olbersleben

3:45 pm

Good user-experiences from first Passive House
buildings in China

Berthold Kaufmann

4:00 pm Passive House design in different Chinese climates
– it works everywhere
Jürgen Schnieders