Session 13: Passive House districts and major projects

23 April 2016    2:15pm       Hall Spectrum (Level 1)       Subject to change.

Time  Vortrag Referent
2:15 pm Monitoring in the Passive House neighborhood
Bahnstadt Heidelberg
Søren Peper,
Robert Persch
2:40 pm Passive House neighborhood Heidelberg-Bahnstadt
in the eyes of its residents
Ralf Bermich
3:30 pm Passive House more affordable than conventional construction: How? Günter Lang
3:50 pm Student dormitory complex in Münster: More than 500 units
built to the Passive House Standard
Thomas Lilge
3:55 pm Public Passive House housing in the Grünewald Nico Steinmetz
4:20 pm Poster presentation: Passive House at the municipal level:
non-residential buildings caught between cost pressures
and high expectations
Ulrike Leidinger
4:20 pm Poster presentation: Energy-focused retrofits of schools
in Rhineland-Palatinate
Franz-Josef Zimmermann
4:20 pm Poster presentation: Extensive retrofits of large buildings:
Can air tightness be measured in sections?
Martin Giebeler