PHPP Basics

PHPP workshops 18 - 20 April 2016, Darmstadt/Germany

The Passive House Institute will be offering three days of workshops in English on PHPP Basics, designPH and PHPP 9 from 18th to 20th April 2016. The target group of these workshops are primarily architects, civil engineers, energy consultants, people working at building departments etc. who have basic knowledge of energy efficiency in buildings or the Passive House concept. Each workshop is individually bookable.


Day 1: PHPP Basics / 18th April 2016:

The workshop PHPP Basics addresses people that are interested in acquiring basic knowledge of the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), the energy balance and planning tool for efficient buildings and refurbishments.

Content of the Workshop:

  • Energy balance calculation with PHPP
  • Input of areas and windows
  • Input of shading factors
  • Input of the ventilation strategy
  • Inputs concerning domestic hot water supply, electricity consumption and heating


Day 2: designPH / 19th April 2016:

The workshop designPH addresses people that are already familiar with the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), and want to explore the advantages of designPH, the new 3D modelling tool for the PHPP.

Content of the Workshop:

  • Overview: How designPH works
  • SketchUp: Basic functions
  • Working with SketchUp: Input of a building model
  • Analysis of the building model: Optimization and adaption of relevant features
  • Special building types: different approaches


Day 3: PHPP 9 / 20th April 2016:

The Workshop PHPP 9 addresses people that are working with the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), and want to get to know the new features of the latest version, PHPP 9.

Content of the Workshop:

  • What’s new in PHPP 9?
  • Comparison of different building designs or steps in renovation
  • Input for economic feasibility comparisons
  • Supported data input: Error messages and plausibility checks
  • Revised input for heating and domestic hot water distribution losses
  • Passive House classes & evaluation of primary energy based on a sustainable energy supply


Prerequisites for attending:

Confident use of Microsoft® Excel


Please bring the following things to the course:

  • Laptop with Microsoft® Excel 2007 or higher, CD-drive or USB-port.
  • Participants with Macintosh Systems are recommended to use Microsoft® Excel 2011 or higher. The use of OpenOffice or LibreOffice can result in limited functionality.
  • Pre-installed Version of Trimble SketchUP 8, 2013 or 2014 & pre-installed Version of the Workshop-Version of designPH, that will be provided before the course.


Please note:

For regular work with PHPP and designPH, a PHPP license must be purchased separately. Participants of this workshop, that do not have a license yet, can purchase this for a reduced workshop price here (Please enter your attendance in the workshop under "remarks").


Special fee for conference participants: only 200 € / workshop day! Register here!