Full Session Details


Session 1: Passive House Plus

22 April 2016     1:00 pm      Hall Spectrum (Level 1)

Alexandra Frankel, Martina Feirer GreenHouse: Austria‘s first Passive House Plus student dormitory in Vienna
Gernot Vallentin A new Passive House Plus administration building
Engelbert Spiß The first Passive House Plus apartment building
Lars Beckmannshagen Experience from the Efficiency House Plus network for Passive House Plus and Premium
Georg W. Reinberg Strategy, implementation, and monitoring of a plus-energy Passive House
Benjamin Krick

A straw bale Passive House Plus building


Session 2: New projects and components

22 April 2016    1:00 pm      Hall Titanium (Level 2)

Georg W. Zielke Oikos: A residential Passive House neighbourhood project
Simone Kreutzer Circuitus – What goes round comes round
Klaus Werneke Affordable and sustainable: A timber Passive House row house
Wolfgang Hasper A government building extension overcomes all challenges
Ludwig Rongen Passive House today and beyond 2016: Developments and trends
P: Nadine Böttrich Balcony connections: The trend in technology toward highly efficient Passive House components


Session 3: EnerPHit – latest retrofit projects

22 April 2016    1:00 pm      Hall Europium  (Level 3)

Laura Nettleton EnerPhit in the U.S.: Multi-unit residential and commercial retrofit casestudies
Floris Keverling Buisman Historic 1870 2-whyte brick house to EnerPHit standard in Upstate New York
Michael Ungui, Kevin Brennan A collaborative approach to historic masonry retrofits
Reimar von Meding  Reimarkt: first supermarket for sustainable retrofit products

P: Aline Branders, Sebastian Moreno-Vacca

Large-scale total Passive House renovations
P: Martijn Jansen EnerPHit DeNijverheid, from run- down industrial monument to high-quality dwelling
P: Constance Uyttebrouck Installing geothermal boreholes under a historical building in the city-centre of Liège
P: Dominykas Marcinonis Retrofit of large concrete panel buildings with prefabricated timber elements
P: Alan Budden Domestic Retrofit to Passivhaus Standard using Carbon Payback
P: Marco Pietrobon

Analyses of multifunctional wooden components for passivhaus renovations of school


Session 4: Warm Climates

22 April 2016    1:00 pm      Hall Hellium 2  (Level 3)

Oliver Style Measured performance of lightweight straw bale Passive House in a Mediterranean heat wave
Nasia Roditi, Stefanos Pallantzas Passivistas: the house project
Esteban Pardo Calderón Passive House Standard in Public Buildings in North Spain
Tugba Salman Gurcan A comparison of LEED and Passive House Certification on a built example- Gaziantep Yesil Ev
P: Marco Pietrobon Comfort conditions and user behaviour surveys in passive house buildings throughout Europe
P: Ramón Ruiz-Cuevas-Peña Passive House in VitoriaGasteiz, Spain
P: Romeu Vicente Design, Optimisation and Construction of a LSF Efficient House in a South European Country
P: Paris A. Fokaides Monitored performance of a Passive House under subtropical climatic conditions
P: Enrico Bonilauri The first certified construction system for warm climates: from prototype to production


Session 5: Long-term experiences

22 April 2016    4:00 pm      Hall Spectrum (Level 1)

Gernot Vallentin Twelve years in the Aufkirchen Montessori school
Thomas Kirtschig ENERGON Passive House office: Findings from more than ten years of monitoring
Carl Zeine KWEFF2015: Consumption values of highly efficient buildings
Gerrit Horn Two decades of timbered Passive House
Olaf Reiter Five kindergartens in Saxony: Construction system analysis and a critical review
Feist, Ebel, Peper, Hasper The Passive House prototype in Darmstadt-Kranichstein: Longterm experience and measurements


Session 6: Non-residential buildings

22 April 2016    4:00 pm      Hall Titanium (Level 2)

Ingo Höffle, Bernd Haase Passive House offices with renewable energy supply on the path to a Passive House Premium
Walter Krämer Summer conquered: The Lu-teco office building
Esther Gollwitzer Bambados: A Passive House indoor swimming pool in practice
Stefan Oehler Comprehensive retrofit of the Groß-Umstadt Sparkasse
Oliver Kah The importance of use-specific energy applications in nonresidential Passive House
P: Werner Haase Sonthofen High School: Comprehensive Factor 10 retrofit of a school
P: Werner Haase Energy retrofit of a post-WWII church into a solar-powered plus-energy church


Session 7: Cost-effective Passive House buildings

22 April 2016    4:00 pm      Hall Europium  (Level 3)

Robert Schild Must living in comfort be profitable?
Alan Clarke Simple and cheap heating systems for individual Passive Houses
Maiia Williams First privately rented EnerPHit home in London, Whole Life Carbon story
Timothy McDonald The PHFA Project: A National Net-Zero-Energy Affordable Housing Initiative
Mario Bodem Passive House school project - Cost reduction through the Passive House Standard
P: Peter Schneider Achieving Zero-Net Energy Affordably Today: The Modular Housing Innovation Project
P: Siena Shaw MightyHouse - Tiny House Passive House Combined


Session 8: Experiences from UK and Ireland

22 April 2016    4:00 pm      Hall Hellium 2  (Level 3)

Elrond Burrell How architects can drive adoption of Passivhaus for primary schools in England and Wales
Jonathan Hines Closing the performance gap in UK schools, 3 years of energy and comfort monitoring evidence
Nick Grant First Passivhaus Archive in the UK
Mark Siddall Long Term Experience of The Passivhaus Standard in North East England
Mariana Moreira EnerPHit for Social Apartments: marrying old and new
P: Shane Colclough Review of the performance of Passive Houses on the island of Ireland over a 10 year period
P: Frances Wright Development of a Scottish Straw Bale Wrapped Timber Frame Passivhaus Construction System
P: Ed O‘Donoghue Building on solid foundations - Solutions for Passive House


Session 9: Ventilation solutions

23 April 2016    10:30 am      Hall Spectrum (Level 1)

Kristin Bräunlich 2016 Component Award results
Rainer Pfluger Reducing ventilation duct networks: Retrofit of the Siegmair School as part of the EU-funded project SINFONIA
Norbert Stärz Central stairwell ventilation in multi-family dwellings
Bernhard Martin More efficient ventilation with intelligent active overflow systems
Andrew Farr, Sally Godber MVHR in the UK – lessons learnt from commissioning & a new “final protocol sheet”
Andrew Peel Assessing the true performance of Heat Recovery Ventilators
P: Adrian Tschui Professionally planned ventilation systems
P: Alexander Wien A flat-ceiling system with an integrated air duct network
P: Tomas Mikeska Concept of PHI certification for split-type air-to-air heat pumps

Session 10: Non-residential buildings

23 April 2016    10:30 am      Hall Titanium (Level 2)

Benjamin Krick EuroPHit: windows in incremental retrofits incremental retrofits
Franz Freundorfer Cross-trade retrofit systems: EnerPHit Innovation
Jan Tywoniak Lightweight timbered element façades for modified buildings
Eckart Drössler Retrofit to an age-inclusive small Passive House multi-family dwelling
Oliver Ottinger, Tanja Schulz Interior insulation: what works?
P: Martin Giebeler Long-lasting adhesive joints
P: Adrian Muskatewitz Guidelines for Passive Housesuitable attic stairs
P: Susanne Theumer The effects of thermal bridges in a typical Franconian house built in 1959


Session 11: Tools – new features and latest developments

23 April 2016    10:30 am      Hall Europium  (Level 3)

Anne Vogt Using PHPP9 in the design process in order to achieve the first PH Premium buildings in Spain
Sergio Suarez COMPENDIUM: Monitoring equipment project, especially designed for Passive Houses
David Edwards Latest developments in designPH - the 3D interface for PHPP
Bronwyn Barry Optimizing Passive House: A look at Kranichstein (and other projects)
Fabian Ochs “Auditing tool” PHPP – new features and comprehensive validation
P: Gabriel Rojas Accuracy in predicting energy consumption and room temperatures of various simulation programs
P: Oliver Ottinger Determination of the heat loss coefficient of built Passive House buildings
P: Dragomir Tzanev The New Building Knowledge Hubs of Europe: Successful promotion of PH training
P: Jens-Erik Weber, Benjamin Krick A new database for Certified Passive House Components


Session 12: Passive Houses in North America and cold climates

23 April 2016    10:30 am      Hall Hellium 2  (Level 3)

Yetsuh Frank New York City: Active about Passive Buildings
Sonia Zouari, Malcom Isaacs Reaching for the PH Standard in Canadian Social Housing
Monte Paulsen Factory-built Passive House: An affordable solution for remote Canadian communities
Tomas Lindgren Högåsskolan in Knivsta – a Passive House school in Sweden
Juha Päätalo The first Passive House residential home for the elderly in Finland
P: Tomaz Stich 1st Certified Passive House in Alberta, 100% wood based products and Off Grid
P: Tessa Smith Island Passive House


Session 13: Passive House districts and major projects

23 April 2016    2:15 pm      Hall Spectrum (Level 1)

Søren Peper, Robert Persch Monitoring in the Passive House neighborhood Bahnstadt Heidelberg
Ralf Bermich Passive House neighborhood Heidelberg-Bahnstadt in the eyes of its residents
Thomas Lilge Student dormitory complex in Münster: More than 500 units built to the Passive House Standard
Günter Lang Passive House more affordable than conventional construction: How?
Nico Steinmetz Luxembourg-Kirchberg: Public Passive House housing in the Grünewald
P: Ulrike Leidinger Passive House at the municipal level: non-residential buildings caught between cost pressures and high expectations
P: Frank Zimmermann Energy-focused retrofits of schools in Rhineland-Palatinate
P: Martin Giebeler Extensive retrofits of large buildings: Can air tightness be measured in sections?


Session 14: Passive House and renewables

23 April 2016    2:15 pm      Hall Titanium (Level 2)

Rainer Vallentin PER analysis and the new Passive House classes: A critique
Benjamin Krick Is electricity still bad?
Marc Großklos Performance data for an electricity storage system in a large Passive House Plus building
Tobias Loga PV power generation to cover domestic power demand in Passive House: A parameter study
João Marcelino The impact of the standby consumption in a Passive House
P: Evelyna Buteikyte & Werner Friedl PER: EnerPHit Premium, Plus, Classic - a retrofitted residential building with PH components
P: Monika Hall Are zero-energy high rises feasible?
P: Daniela Armerding-Drexler Passive House and e-mobility: A beneficial combination over a lifecycle


Session 15: Tools – Step-by-step retrofits

23 April 2016    2:15 pm      Hall Europium  (Level 3)

Jan Steiger Overall retrofit plan for step-bystep retrofits to EnerPHit standard
Art McCormack Step-by Step EnerPHit Retrofit: coordinated design
Helen Brown, James Traynor, Nick Newman Large scale EnerPHit. Whole life costs and lessons learnt on high rise retrofit
Zack Norwood, Ingo Theoboldt Step-bystep deep retrofit and building integrated façade/roof on a million program house
Nuria Díaz Antón Step by step retrofits to EnerPHit standard in social housing in Spain
Iglika Lutzkanova A road towards deep building renovation on a step-by-step basis in Bulgaria


Session 16: Passive Houses in North America and cold climates

23 April 2016   2:15 pm      Hall Hellium 2  (Level 3)

Ling Guo Passive House in China: Present Situation and Future Trends
Yuansheng Cui Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures for Passive House Construction in China
Stefan Schirmer Experiences and challenges of heating and cooling in Chinese pilot projects
Michael Meyer-Olbersleben Experiences from 11 blower door tests in the Middle Kingdom - China builds Passive Houses
Jürgen Schnieders Passive House design in different Chinese climates – it works everywhere
Berthold Kaufmann Good user-experiences from first Passive House buildings in China