Passive House components: sustainable and cost effective

Every improvement in energy efficient building products makes it that much easier to achieve an energy revolution. Advancements in building envelope components as well as in mechanical systems are especially important, as these products work to save the energy that is the most seasonally concentrated and that can only hardly be covered via the sun. Only buildings designed to effectively bring heating and cooling needs to very low levels can truly facilitate the transition from a reliance on fossil fuels to renewables. For over 15 years, Passive House districts supplied by renewable energy sources have been shining examples in this respect.

The criteria for Certified Passive House Components ensure the quality necessary for truly sustainable building products. For one of the most important of these components, the window, Passive House quality is already the best economic choice for builders and investors alike. Leipzig has a long tradition in introducing and showcasing innovative products. Passive House components thus form the central theme of the Leipzig conference. A display of craftsmanship and of the accomplishments made in the field of energy efficiency, this event will highlight the enormous advances of the past decades.

Highly efficient Passive House components embody the power of innovation and technological advancement. Such products add value not only in terms of quality and energy savings, but also through job creation in every locality in which they are produced and sold. In so doing, they provide us with answers to the looming climate challenges we face, showing us a place in which economy and ecology are in harmony.

Dr. Wolfgang Feist