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Passive House for all...

... life stages – from kindergarten to retirement hom
There is always a demand for the highest levels of comfort possible as well as optimal air quality – at any age and in any setting. The Passive House Standard guarantees both and thus grants good health and well-being. Present your diverse Passive House projects and solutions at the 21st International Passive House Conference!

... climate zones – from cold and dry to hot and humid
Passive House buildings in the arctic, in the tropics and even in the desert clearly show that Passive House buildings work everywhere – not just in moderate climates. And there is a lot to learn from buildings in these extreme climate zones! Do you have some experience in this field? We are looking forward to your contributions!

... building types – from social housing to swimming pools
Day-care facilities for children, supermarkets and hospitals – Passive House buildings are diverse. Even gyms and indoor swimming pools have been built to the Passive House Standard. Present your building projects!

... construction methods – from timber to concrete
Passive House buildings are suitable for all kinds of building materials and types of construction. Ideas and examples of how various building materials and types of construction can be used to meet the Passive House Standard are most welcome!

... budgets – from inexpensive to upscale
Passive House buildings need not be expensive; instead, they present a future-proof investment. In times of low interest rates they are an exceptional opportunity. We are looking for contributions on the economic feasibility and cost-efficiency of Passive House buildings.

... professions – from architects to carpenters
The Passive House Standard calls for dedication from all parties involved: With higher quality, one takes much more pleasure and confidence in the building. All contributions focussing on quality assurance aspects and planning tools such as PHPP and designPH are most welcome!

... supply systems – from biogas to heat pumps
Passive House buildings have a very low energy demand, even in the winter. In order to cover the low demand for heating energy, all kinds of energy supplies are possible – from biogas to heat pumps. We are looking forward to contributions focussing on the combination of Passive House buildings with renewables, and on the Passive House Plus and Premium classes.

... types of builders – from private to public
Today, municipalities in particular are facing major challenges. Single residential and non-residential buildings or entire Passive House districts – your contributions on this topic will be of interest to many conference participants!

... building ages – heritage to brand new
The Passive House Standard for new builds, the EnerPHit Standard for retrofits – both standards ensure utmost energy-efficiency and the highest levels of comfort. Tips, experience, solutions and examples regarding these topics are most welcome!

... innovators – from window manufacturers to ventilation experts
Be it windows, ventilation, split units or other components – we are very enthusiastic about innovative products!


Schedule - Call for papers

1 October 2016 Deadline for abstract submissions
November 2016 Submission acceptance notification
December 2016 Publication of conference programme
15 January 2017 Deadline for accepted written contributions