Call for Papers

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Passive House for all...

... life stages – from kindergarten to retirement home

... climate zones – from cold and dry to hot and humid

... building types – from social housing to swimming pools

... construction methods – from timber to concrete

... budgets – from inexpensive to upscale

... professions – from architects to carpenters

... supply systems – from biogas to heat pumps

... types of builders – from private to public

... building ages – from heritage to brand new

... innovators – from window manufacturers to ventilation experts

Schedule - Call for papers

1 October 2016 Deadline for abstract submissions
Mid-December 2016 Submission acceptance notification
January 2017 Publication of conference programme & opening of registration
15 January 2017 Deadline for accepted written contributions


Scientific conference advisory board of the 21st International Passive House Conference

Mathias Linder (City Frankfurt/Main)    
Rainer Pfluger (University of Innsbruck)    
Mark Zimmermann (EMPA)    
Stefan Pallantzas (Hellenic Passive House Institute)    
Dirk Mobers (EnergieAgentur.NRW)    
Jessica Grove-Smith (Passive House Institute)    
Birgit Knoch (energieagence Lëtzebuerg)    
Karin Stieldorf (TU Wien)    
Huijun Jiang (Passive House Institute)    
Dragos Arnautu (Passive House Institute)    
Roland Digel (German Federal Environmental Foundation DBU)    
Rainer Raimund (Architekt Raimund Rainer ZTGmbH)    
Martin Treberspurg (Treberspurg & Partner Architekten Ziviltechniker GmbH)    
Jan Tywoniak (Czech Technical University Faculty of Civil Engine)    
Claudia Dankl (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Umwelt und Technik)    
Anne Vogt (VAND arquitectura)    
Gerhard Kopeinig (ARCH+MORE ZT GmbH)    
Wolfgang Feist (Passive House Institute)    
Jan Steiger (Passive House Institute)    
Benjamin Krick (Passive House Institute)    
Bernd Vogl (City of Vienna)    
Doris Österreicher (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)    
Erich Kern (Kern+Ingenieure Ziviltechniker GmbH)    
Helmut Krapmeier      

In order to garantuee a rich and diverse conference programme, all contributions will be selected by a interdisciplinary conference advisory board. We are happy about the commitment of the following members: